Funsy Friday!

4 days a week, Coralynn and I trek on out to the school to get the kids.  This means we get to sit in car-rider line.  Car-rider line is one of the circles of hell.  No different than it is in the United States.  In order to keep the Bits occupied, we play games, sing songs, take pictures, and make videos!

Our car-rider line photo shoot from the other day:

Looking for birds.

Found a bird.

Tired of birds.

Looking for Chloe.

Missing her shoes.

Losing patience with waiting.

"Give me Chloe, now!"

After the stellar photo shoot, I decided I was going to get her to talk and record it.  She's clearly less willing to be on video than some of the other people in the family.  Finally, at 1:15, I get her to say her first word for the camera...

Belly button.  Belly button?  Yes, she loves to say belly button. 


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