Wednesday's Praise- Loneliness!

The blessings list looks different today.  I could list out the many blessings of the past week, and they were plentiful; however, happy blessings aren't the full picture.

I've been having a hard couple of weeks.  Events, in both Panama and Georgia, conspired to make me feel very alone.  A few Sundays ago, I was a puddle of tears overwhelmed with loneliness.  In Georgia, I was blessed with several close friends and lots of people I really enjoyed.  I was never alone.  I loved my life.  I had no idea, at the time, what a unique easy season I was experiencing. 

As I cried in the shower- am I the only person who cries in the shower?- the Lord brought a truth to me.  I was overcome by one simple truth from the Creator of the Universe, "I chose you."  Three simple words from the Savior, and my spirit settled.  If He chose me, being alone feels a whole lot less lonely.

(I've mentioned before that when God whats me to get something He says it over and over because I'm hard of hearing.  This time was no exception.)

That night, Tony and I were watching our favorite preacher/teacher on DVD.  He spoke these awesome words (in immediate reference to Adam naming the animals in the Garden of Eden). 

This was the design of God: to create longing and passion in the heart of humanity.  We are designed to feel the longing of love, the relentless pursuit of the heart for another person like no other creature.  Humanity would share in the experience of God with longing love.
~Allen Hood, Excellencies of Christ

The loneliness I'm feeling isn't a trial to endure.  It's a blessing. It allows my heart to beat in rhythm with God's.  My longing for close friendships pales in comparison in His desire for me (and you). That's a truth I never would have heard in the season of friendships I experienced in Georgia.  And it's a truth that makes the pain of loneliness sting so much less.  And I praise the Lord today for it!


Anonymous said…
The Father has said, " I will never leave you nor forsake you" you are never alone. Satan is telling you lies lies lies. Praise and LOUD praise are what satan hates. Someone has said that Praise is like fingernails on glass to the evil one. You are beautifuly and wonderfully made, no matter where you travel. There are lots of others there in Panama with you that are also seeking friendship. Seek them out. What about your mother's helper? Have you reached out to her and her family? I know that I am preaching to the choir, but get in the WORD, PRAISE< LOUD PRAISE< God has someone there that he needs you to reach out to.
panaMOM said…
Thanks for your thoughts. I am in a wonderful place, and I do praise Him for this time of not being surrounded my tons of people all the time- just as I praise Him for the times when I do get to be with people. I know I'm not alone (sorry I was unclear about that) And yes, I am in the Word and reaching out. Those things don't negate the season I'm in.

I really appreciate your thoughts. I clearly haven't expressed mine clearly. :)
Anonymous said…
No, you're not the only one who cries in the shower. I've experienced this loneliness many times. It's a blessing in disguise. To be so far away from our friends and family who are so dear to hearts, draws us closer to each other and to the Lord.

Rachel S.

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