~We had water all day yesterday!  That was the first time in 4 days.  It was out this morning, but it appears to be back on today!

~The weather is beautiful.  Nice breezes, blue skies, temperatures in the 80s.   Quite livable!

~I found someone to carpool with on Monday and Tuesday afternoons.  It's nice to not have to run to the school the extra time, but my favorite part is listening to Chloe and her Panama bff talk about school.  Love them!

~I had an appointment with a type of Christian counselor yesterday.  It was a wonderful time, and I feel so blessed to be here in this place where I could have the opportunity to meet with him!  (And let me be super clear- I have no BIG issues.  This is about resetting your brain to heal the wounds of life.  And everyone has wounds.  Everyone.)

~Tony and I are feeling better from our colds.  We feel like we should feel better than we do, but at least we aren't going through near the tissues we were.

~Fortunately, the kids haven't gotten our colds!

~I received a phone call from the mother of another boy in Carson's class.  She called, in part, to ask a favor of me because her son believed Carson to be the kindest boy in the class.  I needed to hear that.  Sometimes, in the heat of parenting, I forget that my kids are more than just their at-home battles.  I'm thankful that Carson is loving to others!


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