Getting Over Myself.

So, I feel like a fool.

I came onto the blog to post my blessings for the week, and the blog's host location was having issues.  I pressed the wrong button, and everything went crazy.

Including me.

I started crying, calling Tony, and acting like a fool.  Get a grip, Lisa.  It's only a blog.

The new get-a-grip blessings list:

~My biggest issue today is the blog isn't working!

~My 9 year-old is currently reading her Bible and doing devotions.  And she asked me if it was okay for her to do them!

~I was $6 under budget at Price Smart today!

~Tony had yesterday off from work because it was a Panamanian holiday.  Y'all know that I love Tonytime!

~The kids have no school this week so I'm getting lots of C-time, too!

~We did a serious decluttering of the playroom Monday night.  I cannot wait to show you the results on Saturday!

~I've made some sweet friendships here in Panama.  They look nothing like the ones I had in Georgia, but I'm so thankful for these new relationships!


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