Money Money Money!

Random Thoughts for Monday Money:

~If you haven't already filed your taxes, you will be soon.  Many of you will be receiving tax returns.  Before you buy that item you've been "needing," I challenge you to stop and think.  Do you have debt that money could go against?  Do you have an emergency fund set up for those surprises life throws you?  Is the item you "need" really a need? 

~I was looking online at homes the other day, and I was astounded by the size difference in the closets in the various homes depending on what year the houses were built.  We have the same number of hours in a day and days in a year as there have always been, but closets in new construction homes continue to be bigger.  Why?  Because we "need" the space?

~One of the most quoted verses of Scripture is Philippians 4:13  "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."  It is also, quite possibly, the most misapplied verse in the entire Bible.  That verse has been ripped out of its context to become a rally cry, of sorts.  What's the actual context of the verse?  What is Paul talking about?  He's directly addressing Christ's ability to help him to live on his income no matter how high or low.  Seriously, folks.  That's the context.   It tells me 2 things. 
1-God understands the temptation to live beyond your means. 
2-And, through Him, it's totally possible to live within your means.
Pretty encouraging.  Don't you think!?!

~My goal for the year continues to be buying nothing we don't need.  (And I totally understand that "need" means different things to different people.  My kids decided they "needed" a boogie board so they bought one, after their mother quashed the thought that they "needed" 2 of them.)  So far, I feel like I'm doing well keeping the unnecessary shopping to a minimum.  I spent about $20.00 on non-food items last week.  I bought Chloe's school shoes for next year on LandsEnd's clearance.  They were less than $14.00 shipped, and the quality is such they will last her all year (plus I'll get 2% back).  Also, I made a Do-It Center purchase for under $6.00. 

I bought 2 ice packs for the kids' lunchboxes.
Yogurt that isn't cottage cheese by lunch is a need!
(posing next to boo-boo bunny)

~Finally, if you are feeling that "need" to shop after "behaving" so well with your budgetary goals, I encourage you to give.  One thing I learned several decades ago is that the satisfaction of giving lasts much longer than the thrill of a deal, and it allows more people to enjoy the experience!


Anonymous said…
I love your post (as always); however, you are too young to have learned money tips "several decades ago". Check that - WE are too young! I know, I need to go back to the 17 years blog post. I love you. TLA

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