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I just wanted to update y'all on some of the recent happenings from recent blog posts.

From Organized and Rewarded, I wanted to let you know that all three kids have earned their stars 2 week in a row.  Tony determined that each child should receive a Mulligan, and they have each used one.  I'm afraid it is unlikely that they will all earn this week's, but we will see.

From Life Verse, I am happy to report that things have improved for Chloe and school.  A new outlook has allowed her to regain some control in the situation. We decided on a three-tier plan.  1.)  Chloe needs to be friendly.  2.)  We are praying that the mean girls' hurt would be healed.  3.)  Chloe would trust in Jesus for friendship because people will disappoint.   She now claims to have two 4th grade friends- one of whom invited her over for a play date.  The power of prayer never ceases to amaze me.  A Happy Update!!

From Sitting Around on a Tuesday Afternoon, Carson had an enjoyable, non-remarkable basketball game; however, the coaching staff determined that the younger kids are just too young to play against middle schoolers.  They will now all be on the practice squad.  This, obviously, is absolutely the right decision.  As my dad has been saying, "Even Michael Jordan couldn't play against junior highers when he was in 2nd grade."  Such wisdom.  Carson took the news fairly well, and he continues to look forward to basketball practice.

From Looking for Advice, I heard back from an awesome lady in Georgia who let me know that Coralynn is within the "normal" range, but also gave me some useful suggestions.  In just a few days, the Bits has added a few words and a couple of signs.  I'm very much relieved!  Thank you MB for giving me such great advice, and thanks to the other MB for alerting MB of my need!

From Funsy Friday, there apparently is something to this Spanish-makes-me-sick thing because Camilla ended up having to stay home from school on Friday.  She was dizzy and nauseous.  Shows me for laughing!

And finally,

From Intentional Acts of Appreciation, I've heard back from a few people who took me up on my Labor Day Challenge of Gratitude.  I hope many of you decided to join us.  If you would like to share, I would love to post your story here on the blog.  Feel free to email me at to share either your story of gratitude or the story of telling the other person "thank you!"  I'd love to celebrate with you!!


Sarah said…
Coming over from MSM and your blog looks so interesting. Quite the adventures you have been having lately! I am very interested in the pointers your friend MB gave to help your Coralynn. My son is just over 15 months, very social and interactive, but not much for using signs (he made up his own but doesn't always use them) and only says "yes." I would love to get some pointers on how to encourage him to talk. I just feel like it hasn't "clicked" in his head yet. Hope Coralynn keeps going well for you! Sounds like she's on the right track!
panaMOM said…
I would be happy to share with you!!

She mostly gave me advice about incorporating the signs so I'm not sure how that will help your little guy.

She told me to be super consistent and specific about the signs- since my daughter is a "more" junkie. We've been teaching some other signs.

Also, instead of constantly doing the "say ____" we go through books and have her point things out. It allows her brain to figure out the language/picture connection.

Hope some of that might help you!!

Here's hoping they each "click" soon!!
Sarah A said…
Thanks! I appreciate the advice!!

My son is probably not too great with the signs because I'm not very consistent with them. I've been trying to be more consistent lately, especially with more, and it seems to be helping. (Although now he thinks the sign for more = clapping... hmmm...)

I'll definitely have to try being more consistent with him on signs and do the book thing too. He has just started to get into pointing at things (his belly button is his favorite) so we'll have to build on that.

Thanks again!!

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