Looking for Advice!

Or thoughts.  Or suggestions.  Or opinions.

The Bits is 15 months old.  And cute as she can be.  And naughty as she can be.  She still is not talking.  I'm not worrying about this, but I want to make sure not to miss something that would be an easier fix if we caught in younger. 

Here are the facts:

~She can make the MaMa and DaDa sounds, but she does not use them specifically to us.

~She can sign and say "more" and she uses it for a lot of purposes.  She uses them appropriately at the table.  She also uses it if she needs more attention from someone.  I feel that, overall, it's all accurate communication.

~She can sign "milk."  She doesn't use this one as consistently as "more", but it is new for her.

~She nods for yes.

~Sometimes when I say night-night, she waves goodbye to everyone.  She'll also lay her head down on me.

~Socially, she seems fine.  She LOVES to interact with her siblings, especially Chloe.  She also likes to perform for whoever is on skype.

~I haven't noticed eye contact, but I haven't noticed that she doesn't do it.

~The pediatrician saw her at 13 months and said all looked fine.  She wants her hearing evaluated in October if we don't make any progress.

~Her nanny (on Thursday mornings) and the church nursery workers only speak Spanish to her.  (We moved here at 10 months.)

~She's beginning to get frustrated with us because we don't know what she wants.

So, what do y'all think???


Anonymous said…
I had a similar problem with Jordan then we noticed that April was doing all the communication for him. Once we asked her to help us make Jordan say the words he started talking. You have 3 big helpers. Do you notice any of them doing all Coralynn's talking?

The other thing is that Coralynn moved right smack during the time she would be learnig to speak. Now she has two languages to shuffle through and she may just be thoroughly confused as to which language she needs to speak. You never know she may be the one that becomes fluent in Spanish and English by kindergarten.

I hope it's nothing serious and just a little additional time is needed and she'll be talking your ears off!!

Aunt C
Anonymous said…
I've never met Aunt C, but I agree with her! I think a big part of it is the multiple-language thing. She's doing a lot of processing, and I understand that many children who are bi-lingual are slow to speak. (Can you imagine Shawn learning to speak real English while being raised on Chulafinneese? That's why the boy didn't talk until he was 5!)

And yes, having 3 big "voices" for her makes it much easier for her to stay quiet. She knows what she wants, she gets it through whatever means she has to use.

Another thought: You've got some pretty advanced kiddos! One of mine got frustrated with us around this time because we didn't know what she wanted, so the frustration could be normal for this developmental stage.
Janell said…
My family lives in Mexico City. We are missionaries and have lived here for 8 years. My oldest, who is now 6 was a little delayed when it came to talking. I do think it was because of the English and Spanish he was hearing. I don't remember exactly what he was saying but I do remember I wasn't worried. Just before he turned 2 (so he would still fly for free) we went back to Florida for a few weeks. I remember about 2 weeks after we arrived, he was a little chatter box. I think when he was just around English it clicked for him and he said everything. I have read studies that say children who are around multi languages are slower to talk. Their brain has to figure out what language to speak so it has to work a little harder. I hope this helps. I read you post about living far from the deals. Even thought Texas is so close - the prices here can be so high. We were so excited the other day when we found gold fish crackers for $2.50 USD. It was way more than home, but I got it for my kids since we hardly ever splurge. I will be following your blog because I am always interested in what it's like for others living in another country. I have a money saving blog - www.savingyoudinero.com that I keep up - it started for my family and its something I really enjoy. I really miss sales and coupons!
Cara Ivey said…
I have twin boys at 17 months. Neither say actual words much. But I do notice they understand me. when I ask them to bring their PJ's to the clothes pile they bring them right away! They can go "find a truck" in older brothers room when I ask. (this is my way of getting them out of my hair when I need it.. I know.. so sad. Mommy just says with a smile "can you go find a truck?") Anyhow, they will run to Julians room (the older brother) and return with Matchbox Cars. Close enough...
They also nod yes when asked questions about wanting more. I totally think both older brother and older sister are doing the talking for my boys. But, mommy also doesn't have as much time as she used to for requesting words...

Yes, I can understand what they want because I have the "mothers ear"... But I used to take the time to teach and request words from my first two. Guess what? Mommy is just a little bit busier this time around!!

If something were truley wrong, I really do think you would have serious doubts and worries! You seem to be a very attentive mother, you would have picked up on something being "abnormal".

I hope everything works out for you!!!
panaMOM said…
Thanks for your encouragement!! Coralynn definitely understands plenty, and that is so comforting.

And I'm too busy to take the time for her to get her point across verbally so the siblings aren't the only ones slowing down her speech!!

The more I got to thinking about it the more it occurred to me that we moved right when most babies really take off in early speech. We confused her- no doubt!!

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