Wednesday 7!

Time for praising!!

~My kitchen is officially completely painted!  And Tony wants to keep painting!  The bedroom is the last room on the docket!

~I had a wonderful coffee date with a new friend in Panama!  Y'all know I'm don't use that term (friend) lightly, and I am beyond blessed to add her name!

~Yesterday, I said way too much to someone.  (That is not the praise.)  I immediately felt terrible and contacted her to clarify/apologize/backtrack.  I'm so thankful that she had heard my heart and not my words!

~Chloe had a good weekend.  It started out very difficultly, but it improved.  She took some very brave steps Sunday morning.  She's just an awesome kid!

~Tony was able to find a babysitter for the kids this weekend so he and I can go out alone for my pre-birthday celebration.  Yay for dinner and shopping without the kids!  And double yay for him calling to find someone!!  (Now start praying that no one gets sick before Saturday night!)

~I got a text message Monday afternoon from someone here in Panama who needed me to do something for her.  She needed a favor.  And I was able to do it.  Being able to be helpful makes me happy!

~Carson and Camilla are having a playdate at our house this afternoon.  Yay for making friends!


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