A Day in the Life

The sweet Coralynn Mae.  The baby of the family.  The Bestest.  The Bits.  This sweet child is a nightmare, albeit a cute and pleasant nightmare.  I thought I had seen what was out there as far as raising toddlers.  This is my 4th go-around.  I was wrong.  As Tony commented last night, we finally got one of those into-everything children.  And because she's the baby, we take pictures of it instead of getting ourselves all worked up.

Camilla and I were working on homework yesterday before returning to school to get the big kids.  I turned around to see this white, floury mess.  She had gone through the trash can and discovered the treasure of a little more flour left in the bag.  She was quite pleased with herself.

Later on last night, I heard Camilla calling for me while she was in the shower.  I assumed she needed help with the shampoo.  No.  Coralynn had managed to crawl up into the girls' sink and was happily sitting in there playing in the water with their toothbrushes.  Of course she was.  Why wouldn't she be?  I think we might need to change her nickname from Bits to Monster.  Or Monster Bits?


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