A Day Late,

and $95.00 short.  Here are our weekly praises!

~The total cost for the doctor's appointment and x-rays was only $95.00.  All things being equal that's a pretty good price.

~Camilla is fine.  She could have a whole list of fractures and hematomas that are far worse than her black eye.

~We live somewhere with good medical care.  Our American selves might have trouble with it not being American, but it is definitely good care.

~Even though the traffic here is insane, we are some place that has good roads.  Getting to the nearest hospital could have been far worse than dealing with traffic.

~Yes, Coralynn was a nightmare for the 4 hours we were gone, but that's because she's a healthy 15 month old.  She needs to want to move around and explore.  I'm thankful I have a sweet nightmare of a Bits to "deal" with.

~Although I struggled with the language barrier, I did understand some of it, and I had the courage to try.  5 months ago, I would never have had the gumption to do this by myself. 

~Fortunately, I didn't have any plans outside going to the grocery store.  I'm blessed to be able to be a stay-at-home mom.


Kris said…
Your right in posting all the good things that are sometimes mixed up in all the chaos. Tell your daughter we will be praying for her in Alaska : )

Kris P
panaMOM said…
Her first question was- "What language is that?" Followed by a big smile :)

Thanks for the prayers!! Always something to praise!
Joyce said…
So glad she is just bumped and bruised! Praying for quick healing.

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