Weekly 7!

Let's start praising!!

~Coralynn seems to be taking greater strides toward verbal communication.  She consistently says: night-night, bow-wow-wow (for her stuffed puppy), mamma, dada, more, that, book, ball. 

~One of our household helpers is going to start coming on Wednesday mornings.  She works for another family in the afternoons, but I'm super thankful to have another 1/2 day of help!

~We were invited to a sweet family's house for dinner Friday night.  It was a really good time, and whenever 7 kids can play nicely together, it's a blessing from above!

~My kitchen is mostly painted.  It needs another coat to be complete, but I appreciate Tony getting the first two coats done.  The orange really brightens up the room!

~We have finally gotten in the routine of school.  Homework is getting done.  Grades are improving.  Chores are accomplished.  And I'm not having to run back and forth to the school with/for forgotten items!

~My birthday is 2 weeks from today.  I'm still a little kid at heart, and I love celebrating my birthday!

~I really enjoyed the Sunday school time on Sunday.  I wasn't actually in SS, but it was a well spent 90 minutes.


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