Not exactly our weekly 7...

My apologies that this is very late today.  We've had a different kind of day, but the praises are there to be had.

7:00am- Tony and the big kids head to school and work.
7:01am- I head back to bed with my laptop.
7:40am- School is starting.
7:41am- School nurse calls.  Camilla has fallen on her face.  The nurse is letting me know.  I tell her to let Camilla calm down and send her to her class.
7:42am- I decide to get in the shower.
7:42:25am- The nurse calls.  She thinks a bone is broken.  (This is the same face that has the nose on it that Camilla broke in July.)
7:43am- Abandon plans to take a shower.  Get the Bits out of bed.  Grab a sippy cup of milk and a package of goldfish crackers. 
8:00am- In the car heading to the school.
8:25am- Teach Coralynn new words as my frustration grows with the traffic in the neighborhood.
8:35am- Regain my composure after enduring what is normally a 15 minute drive to the school.
8:36am- Walking into the nurses office.   Camilla bursts into tears.   She looks like she's been in a fight and lost.

She's crying because she doesn't want anyone on the blog to see her like this!  I assured her everyone would be praying!

8:45am- Touch base with Tony.  Decide to forego the school's insurance in favor of using the doctor and hospital we recognize. 
8:46am-  Head to the hospital/doctor's office.  The office doesn't open for 45 minutes, but I have no idea on the traffic.
9:13am- Arrive at the hospital.  Have no idea where the traffic went.  No problems at all.
9:30am- Get a call from Tony.  Camilla has an appointment.  At 10:30.
9:30am-  Walk around the hospital complex trying to keep Coralynn happy.
9:31am- Coralynn is over waiting.
10:20am- Head up to the doctor's office.  Coralynn is happily into everything. 
10:22am- Fill out new patient forms.  In Spanish.  Google translate isn't working on my phone.  I may have put her up for adoption.
10:30am- Camilla goes in with the doctor.  I tell the doctor that Camilla broke her nose in July.  Doctor asks me if the child is accident prone.  Fight the urge to say, "No.  I just push her down." while rolling my eyes.
11:00am- Leave the office with antibiotics, a prescription, and x-ray orders.
11:02am- Arrive in radiology.  Experience fun with language barrier (again)
11:!5am- Go pay for the x-rays so they will see her.
11:16am- Back from paying.  Find a chair.
11:30am- Go back for the x-rays.  Neither the tech or doctor speak any English (more fun)
11:50am- 3 films of x-rays complete.  Wait.  Not sure why.
11:55am- Coralynn is D.O.N.E. with this experience.  Leave radiology with x-rays in hand.  No idea what I'm supposed to do with them.
11:57am- Head back up to the doctor's office to find out the results of the x-ray.  Receptionist says, in Spanish, that the doctor is gone until 3.  My pride in understanding her is quickly overshadowed by my exhaustion.
11:59am- Call Tony.  Have him call the doctor.
12:00pm- Go to pharmacy to get prescription filled.
12:13pm- Pharmacy is out of what we need.  Determine Neosporin will suffice.
12:14pm- Go to car.  Start heading out of parking garage.
12:15pm- Coralynn is asleep.  Parking toll is $6.00.
12:20pm- Tony calls. Doctor doesn't need x-ray film.  Relief.
12:42pm- Arrive 12 minutes late to get Chloe.  Everyone knows what's gone down.  Much relief from all.
1:00pm- Finally home.  Lay Coralynn down for a nap.  Make lunch for the big girls.  Answer the 3 skype messages from concerned people.
1:32pm- Head to the showers.  Chloe wants help with her book report.  Begin to think stink is my new bff.
1:45pm- Finish helping Chloe, for now, because Libby has skyped.  Head to the shower.
1:46pm- Coralynn is awake.  Get her out of bed and get her lunch. 
2:00pm- Determined to shower. 
2:12pm- Finally clean.  Decide to get as much done as possible so I'm not overwhelmed tomorrow.
2:15pm- Saute peppers and onion.  Assemble meatloaf muffins.  Get them in the fridge.
2:40pm- Load the dishwasher.
2:45pm- Head to the school to get Carson from basketball practice.
3:15pm- Get Carson started on homework.  Get Camilla doing something other than asking me what she can do.
3:55pm- Put the Bits down for another nap.
3:58pm- Put meatloaf muffins in the oven.  Start peeling and boiling potatoes for mashed potatoes.
4:20pm-  Help Chloe with book report, oral presentation, and art that is due tomorrow.
4:59pm- Tony lets me know the doctor is only calling if something is broken.  Taking no news to be good news.
5:00pm- Assemble mashed potatoes while explaining commas to my eldest.
5:05pm- Get dinner for the Middles.  Type up a cover letter with Chloe while eating dinner.
5:30pm- Send Chloe to get changed.  Convince the Middles that this is their last opportunity to eat.
5:35pm- Make dinner plates for Tony and Coralynn.  Put the rest of the leftovers up.
5:45pm- Wake up the Bits.  Head to the church for Chloe's first night of CrossWalk.  Bits screaming because she wants to be asleep.
5:55pm-  Get to church (again.)  Bits still screaming.  Chloe wants me to walk her in.
5:56pm- Start walking in.  Group of kids yells for Chloe to come play with them.  Warm feeling in my heart that makes the chaos of the day well worth it.
5:58pm- Head home.  Bits is screaming.
6:10pm-  Get screaming Coralynn into apartment and calmed down.
6:35pm-  Send the Middles to seperate showers.  Convince Coralynn to eat.
6:37pm- Send Carson back to the shower because he couldn't possibly be clean.
6:39pm- Decide loads of chores will convince Carson to shower longer next time.  Have him start rinsing dishes.
7:00pm- Set Camilla up with load 2 of laundry for the day.  Have Carson clean up the dining room.  Start loading the dishwasher.  Keep Coralynn from undoing everyone's work.
7:15pm- Give Camilla her antibiotic.  She spits it all out.  Decide that this isn't a battle I care to fight tonight.
7:20pm- House is clean.  Dishwasher is running.  Dryer is running.  Kids are running.  I'm one with the sofa.
7:30pm- Call Tony to make sure he is at church to get Chloe.
7:31pm- Confident I don't have to go to the school/church again, I put the 3 youngest in bed with books.
7:32pm- Officially go off duty.   Hope Tony has the strength to finish out the day.
7:50pm- Back on duty.  Chloe is home and excited about her evening.  Tells me she has had two brownies and cotton candy.  Listen to her excitement while encouraging bathing.
7:53pm- Feeling good about the blessings of the day, but too exhausted to type it all out.  So thankful that y'all understand.  Tomorrow is another day.  The praises will still be there in the morning.  As well as the new ones.  Sweet dreams.  I'm done.


Jake said…
Hi! I found you by way of money Saving Mom and just wanted to say hello and I look forward to reading about living in Panama. It is something we have thought of.
glad your little one is ok.
panaMOM said…
thanks for joining our crazy adventure!!!

And I highly recommend Panama!

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