Funsy Friday- email edition!!

Actual email I received from the school:

Carson and Camilla have both been in to see me today. They are both fine.

Carson came this morning after he fell on the playgound and had a mild abrasion on his right hip area. He just came back again during recess after he fell and scraped up both knees.

Camilla came after lunch complaining of a headache. She said she felt that there were too many spanish words getting in her head and giving her a headache! I guess she was feeling a little overwhelmed with it. I let her rest and have a break for a few minutes and she went back to class.

Hope the rest of their day is better.
 [school nrse]

What can I say?  Spanish is bad for your health.


Anonymous said…
OMG!!! I love that girl.... that was hilarious - we all had a good laugh!

Aunt C

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