Funsy Friday!!

In honor of my upcoming birthday (and birthday shopping!), I decided to purge my closets of all the extra stuff.  I just did this 6 months ago, but now I know what I want to wear.  Being in summer clothes for the next 3 years changes my perspective.  I am not a big fan of summer clothes, so I got rid of everything I didn't love. 



(I know it doesn't look like much, but it was.)



My Lovely Assistant:

All the Excess:

I had some more time so I decided to go through jewelry boxes.  This is what the maid took home with her that I didn't want anymore:

 Apparently my purse needed purged, too:

And the Lovely Assistant was up to the Challenge!


lizbeth321 said…
I just love that your birthday keeps making appearances in your posts! ;-) I'm all about it!
panaMOM said…
Girl- it'll be in the posts until October 22 when I allow tony 24 hours of birthday celebration. Ha!
lizbeth321 said…
I'm just excited that October starts tomorrow because then I can say that my birthday is next month!! LOL
Anonymous said…
I was looking at the pic of your husbands side of the closet. Girl how many pairs of shoes does that man have??????
panaMOM said…
Tony and shoes. That's a blog of its own. I feared DSW would have to file for banruptcy when we relocated. :)

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