Weekly 7!!

Before we start praising, I want to apologize for not posting yesterday.  I have a 2-month anniversary post in my brain, but I woke up with a fever yesterday.  I ended up spending ALL day in bed because I had to feel well enough to attend a function with Tony's work last night.  That post will be coming soon....

Now for Wednesday's Praise Report:

~We found a babysitter to watch the kids last night! 

~The house is completely unpacked!  (Those pics are coming, too!)

~Our house in Georgia sold! (The closing is in June!)

~The older two kids each have a child at church that they enjoy!  (Chloe is too loyal to her bff in LaGrange to use the term "friend" with anyone else.)

~We found a new restaurant that everyone enjoys!

~Got an awesome early birthday present!  (My birthday's in October.  More information on that later in the year!  Thanks Mom and Dad!)

~Chloe is an absolute blessing in my life!  She has always been a great helper, and she has taken over feeding Coralynn breakfast and lunch.  To watch her interact with her baby sister makes me smile.  Chloe is so good with her and the Bits just lights up when she sees her Big Sis. We were concerned that the 8-year age difference would be too much for them to overcome, but Chloe is definitely investing in Coralynn.

A quick prayer request:

I follow a few different caringbridge sites, and one of the children I've been reading about since November 2009 passed away today.  Please be in prayer for Jack's moms and sister.  Thank you!


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