The Real Weekend in Review

Saturday, we went to the beach with some people we met here in Panama.  It was a beautiful day.  We left at 8 am.  Drove for 2 hours on one seriously winding road.  Got to the shoreline.  Took a 5-minute boat ride and arrived at the beautiful beach.  Isla Grande - I think is the name.  We had a wonderful day.  All 4 of the kids thoroughly enjoyed a day outside with dad and other kids!

Coralynn (who is not so bitty) playing in the waves and sand.

Here in Panama the rainy season has begun.  I thought y'all might enjoy a bit of a tropical storm.  (Not like a pre-hurricane tropical storm, but a storm in the tropics.)  The view is from our main room balcony.  The row of buildings you see at the beginning is the club house, restuarant, and adminstrative offices for our neighborhood.  On a clear day, you can see the buildings of downtown Panama City over the clubhouse.


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