I need to ask for help.   I truly need help.  But it requires me moving far outside my comfort zone.  I'm gonna have to use the "s" word.  That word isn't who I am.  It isn't who I want to become, but it appears I have come to that time in my life where it becomes necessary.  I need help on developing (deep breath, swallow hard, and say it) a schedule.    Blech.  I hate the way that word sounds coming out of my mouth.

I am not a scheduler, but I am never late.  Never.  I don't forget to go places or do things.  I am reliable, but free-spirited.  I enjoy my planner, but a schedule?  That's a whole 'nother thing.  Schedules are for people who use Excel spreadsheets and like it.  The ones who know the fun shortcuts so they never have to go to the toolbar.  They are disciplined and organized.  Inflexible and non spontaneous.  Ruled by consistency and order.  Their closets are color coordinated by Roy G. Biv and their can labels all face forward.  You know the type!  I married the type!  I'm entirely too free-spirited to have a schedule.  I tried once to come up with a daily schedule for homeschooling,  Chloe thought she had died and gone to OCD heaven.  Tony applauded my new conviction in homeeducating the children.  Carson and I knew it wouldn't last.  I think we made it 3 days. 

But this is more than just any ole schedule.  I need help coming up with a housekeeping schedule.  Double blech.  Sometimes, I pretend that I relish my role as Keeper of the Home.  That I find great satisfaction in folded towels, clean laundry, and empty sinks.  Then I remember, I am not Tony.  Or my mother.  I don't like laundry or dishes or dusting or mopping (shout out to Elizabeth- the Queen of Mopdom!)  And it's more than not liking them.  I actively resist them.  I'm not a big fan of authority, and I can hear the dishes and laundry telling me that they have to be done.  Proving I am Carson's mother, I resist anything that tells me it has to happen.  So, the laundry sits.  (I have successfully trained Chloe to do this dishes.  Score 1 for Momma!)

I'd show you a picture of the laundry pile, but Tony would be forced to lie about its existence, and I don't want to put him in a position of sinning.  Instead, I humble myself before you and ask for help.  I need to come up with a schedule of which jobs need to get done which days so that everything can be done by the end of the week.  At this point, the cheap me and the lazy me are battling about getting a maid.  Cheap me is winning.  Come along side, and help her!  Help me create a schedule!  (but no excel links, please!)


Steph said…
Mine is pretty simple, but I have a small house.

Monday- Laundry, beds/sheets, basic pick up from the weekend, bank, groceries, meal planning. It's my busy day, but I also have the most gumption on Mondays.

Tuesday- Living room, dust, vacuum

Wednesday- nothing.

Thursday-bathroom, kitchen, vacuum

Friday- Master bedroom/sheets/put away laundry that hasn't been done yet

Saturday- Boys bedrooms, vacuum

Sunday- Basement, kitchen, kitchen floor, vacuum

each day has basic pickup, kitchen pick up, dishes etc. I wipe down the bathroom each day that I vacuum and just do big cleaning on Thursday.

It works for us so far.
lizbeth321 said…
Laundry is a joke at my house! Somehow, on some days it gets done... but I like tackling most everything on one day, so Thursdays is dust, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen and mop day!!

My OCD vacuuming is almost every day, but I do have a dog.

It's usually pretty easy to get sheets done on Saturday mornings.

All the in-between stuff works itself out.

Tell your dishes and laundry just who their boss is! Chores go more smoothly when you're telling inanimate objects what you think of them! ;-)
Sara said…
Oh, oh, Oh, I knew I liked you. Um, but not so sure now about the schedule thing. ;) Flylady helped me develop a schedule once upon a time, the faded copy of it is actually being used as a bookmark by me while reading Dumbing Us Down. HA!!! But for real, it did help and I very very loosely use what I learned.
sarah atchison said…
oh this is me!! i'm the person that has the roy g. biv closet with all the shirts facing the same direction and also sorted by sleeve length! and yet, a house schedule is something i was AWFUL about! things just kept piling up and overwhelming me. then i found some things from the money saving mom blog. she's got some pdf files that i adapted to fit me. i put different chores on different days of the week so i knew what i needed to get done on each day. then i also plan on doing 1 load of laundry per day (with towels and sheets being a 2nd load on the day that i change them). i don't always get the things done that i need to, but at least i've got something there as a guide. it does help me keep on track. i printed out a couple of the sheets and have them hanging on the side of a cupboard in the kitchen so i can see them. here's the link for her sheets: http://moneysavingmom.com/downloads/household-management-forms
hope it helps!
Autumn said…
ok, I am NOT a scheduler either. My work "schedule" does not permit it, becuase each day is different. The only routine I regularly do is I put in a load of laundry before work and hang it up to dry when I get home. I don't have a dryer, so I have to do my laundry a little at a time if I want to get it dry. So, the only schedule I have for cleaning is out of necessity. I have not used a lot of this by my mom loves the FLY Lady: http://www.flylady.net/ She helps you get a cleaning schedule going and she starts small, like day 1 - clean the kitchen sink and adds something each day until you have a new routine. I was never able to stick to it, but give it a try!
panaMOM said…
You don't have a dryer?!? One summer of hanging clothes at your house convinced me I will forever have a dryer.

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