It's Funsy Friday- and you can help!


Okay, here's the gig.  The kids and I are going to Georgia in July to visit friends and do some VBS.  Also, we will be celebrating Chloe's birthday a little bit early.  Tony and I are so excited for the kids, BUT we haven't told them yet.  We wanted to make sure their little focuses were on getting used to life here not going back home.  I'm been trying to come up with a fun way to tell them.  Like a really fun way.  I've got a few ideas, but I know y'all have some great ideas!

So, I need your help!!  Leave a comment letting me know the best way to surprise the kids.  As involved or simple as you want.  (You know I love involved!)  Maybe I can come up with a prize for the winner- who wants a Panama Canal souvenier t-shirt!?!


Julie said…
I like simple.

Kids, we're going back to Georgia.
Steph said…
How about a scavanger hunt where each clue leads to a letter and it spells out

Going to Georgia!

It would be long but fun!!

Or a puzzle map of the US and the state of Georgia is missing... you can "search" with them to find it paperclipped to the travel itenerary.

I'll take my tshirt in a youth small for Isaak... thanks! haha!!
EmilyB said…
I'm with Julie. . . tell them all at once and watch their surprised faces! If you do it some other way, you might have them figuring it out at different times, when you aren't right there to catch the excitement. . .

You could always tell them you have some very serious family business to take care of. Gather around the dining room table, with your mean mom face on.

Start your speech and then TELL THEM!!!
Melissa said…
I have no good ideas but try to get it on video and post it so we can see their reaction. It could be like the Disney World commercial. I always cry at that!
I like the Disney commercials where the kids wake up one day and find out they are going. How exciting!
Carol Todd said…
Start about a month before you pack to leave. Give them a clue each day. It would be along the lines of the 12 days of Christmas where they get a gift each day. The only problem it probably wouldn't last a month because your kids are so smart they would figure it out quick.
lizbeth321 said…
I think Chloe should get the first opportunity to figure out any clues or see evidence of an impending trip...maybe even let her help make the others aware. And, if I could tell Coralynn, that would be great! ;-)

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