Funsy Friday: Update on Scheduling!

Earlier this week I asked for help coming up with a schedule for housekeeping.  You were so sweet.  Besides the comments posted here, I received emails, inboxes, and facebook comments full of great suggestions. 

Some people thought getting it all done in one day was the way to go.  Others felt that a little everyday was the best option.  One person skyped me to let me know her vacuum theory.  Another person switched her schedule over from Excel to Word for me- a sweet (and rule-following) gesture.   All of them had seemingly workable plans.  And I so much appreciated the help.  I had great hopes that these schedules would make the difference. 

I tried.  I got some very strange virus.  I lay in bed.  (I'm no good with lie vs lay.  I think it's "lay" in this sentence as the past tense of "lie".  Feel free to correct me, but I'm only taking my Dad's word for it.)  I gave up cleaning.    Today, I hired someone.

Now before the lazy or cheap police start in on me, let's make a few things clear.  First, I hired someone to clean from 9-3 for $15 per day two days a week.  The household helper will clean, cook, teach Spanish, or watch the kids.  That, my friend, is better than a coupon!  Someone coming 2 days will alleviate enough of the work that I can easily get the rest of it done throughout the week.  With someone coming to help, I will be able to focus on other things- like homeschooling the kids and training the baby.

And I'm totally good with that.


Sara said…
Brilliant! I think that's a fabulous plan!
Good for you. I think as moms sometimes we expect ourselves to be able to "do it all" and that's not realistic.
panaMOM said…
Did you hear the Amen from Panama????
Dawn said…
Oh my that is great!That's cheaper than a good babysitter. I hope it works well for you. I could never relinquish that much control to anyone especialy a stranger. I'm sure it will be great.
Autumn said…
What a great choice! If I had the extra money, I would hire a cleaner and if I lived in Panama and it was $15 - I would hire a cleaner! :)
Charity said…
In many countries (like the Philippines where I grew up) it was culturally the norm for expats and missionaries to have "house-helpers". It never let me off the hook as a kid as I always had my own chores... but freed my parents up more to mission work. :) I hope you are blessed by the help and that it can be a sweet friendship as well.

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