Competition of the Day!

We are competitive people.  Really competitive people.  Tony and I both come from long lines of competitive people.  The kids didn't stand a chance.  After a week of busy fun during our staycation, Tony and the kids determined a day at home was in order.  (For my part, I'd always rather be doing something out than be at home.)  Everyone agreed that a friendly competition would be an enjoyable break from the Mommy-enforced busyness.  The Family Mario Kart Competition was born.  After a quick google search for help drawing the double elimination for 5 players brackets, we were ready to go.

Competition was intense as player after player was eliminated.

Notice that Carson channels his inner Tigger Uncle Tim watching the races.

The faces of determination.  The piles of laundry.

After tough rounds of play, only Chloe and Carson are left.  Watch their entire battle to see the winner!

Congratulations to.........

Carson David!


Anonymous said…
He looks waaaay to big and grown-up in that last picture. And dark! Guess that's what happens when you leave your Carson out in the sun for an hour or two!

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