Quote of the Day

We have been enjoying our staycation- day 1.  We went to Gamboa Resort and took a boat tour to Monkey Island.  It was a beautiful day and amazing to see all these creatures in the wild.  As I pointed out to the children, it also smells much better when we don't visit them at the zoo.  Monkeys are amazing.  Their ability to swing between trees is way cooler than it looks on TV,

We were on a small boat.  It sat about 15 people although there were just 9 of us on it.  We were able to get within just a few feet of some of the monkeys, sloth, and crocodiles.  The howler monkeys were farther up in the tops of the trees.  We sat back in total awe watching the creatures swing effortlessly.  Then, Chloe said the quote of the day.

As she watched, she (in all her eldest child and a girl fullness) commented in total seriousness, "Mom, that monkey's taking a big risk."  Thank you, forty-year-old Chloe.  We appreciate your consistent dedication to safe behavior.


Anonymous said…
Would that photo be of the dreaded Beagle Monkey, or some other type of monkey? Because if you got that close to a Central-American-Beagle-Monkey and lived to tell about it...well...I'm impressed.

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