Praise of the Day!

In lieu of Weekly Wednesday 7, we will have the staycation praise of the day.

At 7:40 this morning, my cell phone rang. (Hard to believe any praise can start at 7:40 AM)  It was Carson's "friend's" mom.  Sunday we had chatted for a bit and decided to get the boys together sometime this week- either Wednesday or Friday.  She was going to check her calendar and get back to me.  Those words- check calendar and get back to me- instantly bring me back to junior high hoping the right person is going to call.  I feel 13 and pathetic again.  Nonetheless, I'd been checking my phone a little obsessively to see if she had called.  Nothing.

When the phone rang this morning, I was thrilled! It was her.  She called like she said she would.  She wanted to know if we would be interested in going to the pool to meet some other moms and to let the boys play.  Everyone's heart sunk.  Carson doesn't want to go to the pool because we've done it several times this week.  I don't want Camilla in the sun anymore because she's getting toasty again.  Tony has zero interest in sitting around the pool with the ladies.  I said, "Sure!  We'd love to!"  (Seriously, what else could I have said?)

We got to the pool, and the boys immediately jump in and start having a great time.  Isn't that the best thing about boys?  There is no gettting-to-know-you period.  They're just all in.  Carson can be difficult to raise, but he is a pleasure to watch.  The kid has the It-factor.  He just does.  I know I've said it before, but I love watching people respond to him. 

He is not a great swimmer.  He can prevent drowning for a little while, but I wouldn't call him a swimmer.  The other boy and the other boy's friend were doing front flips off the side of the pool.  Carson, who can't do it and isn't going to try, watches and cheers from the side completely enjoying their abilities.  It's his turn.  He jumps in.  No form.  No flip.  No cannonball.  Just jumps in like a soldier. If any other kid did this, the more talented kids would kind of scoff and move on.  But this is Carson.  Next thing I know the others are jumping in like soldiers.  Next, their following his belly flop lead.  2 hours later, Carson has a parade of people playing with him.  It must be nice to have the "It."  We got in the van after the swim, and I asked him if we could put AG (my new blogname for him) on the friend list.  "Mom, he's been there for like 3 weeks already."   My child likes making friends.  My child chooses friends that are friend material.   That makes this mamma's heart praise!!


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