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Staycation day 2.

We had originally planned to spend 2 nights at the local hotel.  Last night, we decided to leave in the morning instead.  This morning we decided to spend the second night.  Who says we aren't exciting people?  So, today, we decided we would ride bikes and walk along the beautiful canal.  We got the kids all sunscreened, put Coralynn in her stroller, and headed off for our morning.

The weather was perfect here on the Causeway.  It's about 90 degrees, blue sky, puffy clouds, little breeze.  Gorgeous.  Canal and ocean on our left.  The city skyline and more ocean on our right.  Perfect.  We all had a wonderful walk- all 2 hours of it.   That was just the part when we were actually exercising.  We stopped and had a lite lunch.  All told, we were gone about 3 hours. It was a great family time.  We're headed to the pool.

I wanted to share today's staycation moment, and Tony agreed that I had to share a photo with you from the walk.  A little glimpse into Panama.

Warning- Be careful of the super-buff crossing the road.  They could cause serious car damage.  Seriously, who came up with this sign?  Caution- Arnold is crossing the street. There's just nothing else to say.


Julie said…
literally made my laugh out loud. :)
DairyQueen said…
lol - that was perfect, and it was perfectly positioned so that it popped up after I read about sharing a picture. SO funny!

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