Wednesday's Weekly 7!

Feeling much praisier today!!

Here we go...

~Feeling much praisier today!

~Had a skype double date this weekend!

~Got up the gumption and called someone to make a play date!

~The kids don't seem to have serious damage from their severe sunburns!  (still pray for Camilla on that one)

~Looks like schooling options are improving!  (that's a to-be-continued prayer request)

~Skipped language training yesterday!

~Tony took some vacation days so we will have a week of fun this month!

As always thanks to all of you who read and comment and share and pray.  I appreciate you so much!!!  Please feel free to share your praises with me!!!


Melissa said…
I love reading your blog because when I am feeling overwhelmed by my day I realize that I am not having to face near the "adjustments" that you are! The wasp I had to kill in the living room doesn't seem so bad compared to lizards and when rushing to get the kids teeth brushed, I don't have to use bottled water :)
panaMOM said…
awww- thanks, my friend! :)

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