Thoughts from Thursday

~I love alliteration.

~I'm an emotional person, and I'm thankful to be. 

~If I have an opinion on something, I hold it passionately

~I have an opinion on everything.

~There is no gray in my world.  Everything is black and white.

~What I view as black and white can often change in a moment.

~I love my children desperately.

~Whether you are my child, or my friend, or someone I have never met, once you are in my heart, you will be there forever.

~I am great with change, after my 15 minute meltdown has passed.

~My Lord is bigger than my meltdowns.  His shoulders can handle my honest hurt.  I don't have to pretend to be holy because He is.  And He already knows I'm not.


lizbeth321 said…
I'm am all about a good meltdown and then resting in the welcoming arms of Jesus! Many hugs!

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