Weight Update is Moving!!

Sunday mornings are too crazy, and Saturdays are my fun food days so Weight Update is moving to Saturday!

Today's weight...

147 lbs!
Down 1lb for the week
And down 7.5 in 7 weeks!

I was only able to workout twice this week, but my water consumption was up,  and I was making better choices.  (I did eat way too much Indian food on Tuesday, but, at least, it was real food!)  More importantly, I feel so much better without all the processed foods.  (Last night we had McDonalds, and I have a headache today.  The food choices matter.)

147 is my pre-Coralynn pregnancy weight.  145 would put me where I started 4 of the 5 pregnancies.  I was in the 130s with Camilla, but I don't expect that to be a reachable weight.  I'm hoping by going to the gym more that I can tone up my body.  (Coralynn and I have strinkingly similiar physiques!  LOL!)


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