Funsy Friday- Part 2!

So, how do you think the shirt turned out?
Carson, my Knight.

Ready for Battle!

My sweet Princess, Camilla.

They said "princess," so Chloe went with Kate Middleton for inspiration.

Chloe is beautiful, inside and out.

Pose like a knight and princesses.

I can't believe how big they've gotten.

Waiting to storm the castle?

The girls with their besties! Gorgeous!

With the Knight in the Mix .

In the Carriage.

Camilla (in heels) and Emily

Chloe (not in heels) and Andrea


Anonymous said…
OK, not sure what you've been doing with those kids lately, but they look WAY big in these pictures! Especiallly your biggest! Beautiful!
lizbeth321 said…
Isabelle & Charlotte recognized Carson as a knight without reading the picture caption so I'd say you did fabulous job with his shirt! and princesses are always recognizable! ;-) Lovely and fun!

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