Praisin' on a Wednesday Afternoon!

~I am incredibly busy!  I'm busy participating in my kids' lives, and I love it!

~We have free time!  I love being able to spend a Saturday afternoon swimming with my kids and chatting with friends!

~We had a small earthquake last night!  We were beginning to feel "comfortable" again, and I love the comfort zone shake up!  Lord, may we never be too comfortable to trust you!

~I had a anxiety attack this morning!  I read some of my trigger words from a family member, and my health fears kicked into overdrive!  Thank you, Lord, that I have people that I love and care about!

~After about an hour of sheer panic, the Lord began to calm my soul!  His perfect peace is available when I keep my eyes on Him!

~Everyone is enjoying the healthy food changes!  (Although Chloe's teacher did send an email yesterday expressing Chloe's love of mayo!)

~I am trying a little harder with the Spanish!  I'm not sure if I'm getting anywhere, but the Lord is teaching me so much as I humble myself and attempt this language!  Decrease.  It's all about decrease.


lizbeth321 said…
Camino por recorrer. Estoy orgulloso de ti

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