Money Monday!


March has been an expensive month:

Carson's birthday party.
Coralynn's healthcare.
Running out of all those "once and a while" needs all at the same time.
Car issues.
Buying stuff to be brought from the States.
School needs.
Experimenting with dietary changes.
Accidental tax withholding shifts.

I'm almost afraid to open the budget.  It's going to be ugly.

Really ugly.

We aren't going to save our monthly housing goal.  We aren't even going to come close.  I'm hoping we'll be able to save half of it.

Really ugly.

Bring on the rice and beans.  (No.  For real.  We're having rice and beans tonight, but don't tell the kids.  Or Tony.  I'm trying to pull one over on them.)


In April, everything is going to have to tighten back up so that we stop the bleeding.  I don't want one bad month to start us down the ever-present, ever-slippery slope.

Really tight.

As we finish this mess of a month, we're going to refocus and regroup on what we truly need.  And on how little of those things are monetary in nature.  April's focus is going to be on the showers of blessings the Lord generously hands out to us.  We're so blessed.

Really blessed.


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