Wednesday's Praises!

~My mood has improved even though my heart still aches.  Someone very dear to us passed away on Friday.  The circumstances of his death are heart wrenching and had us walking in a fog most of the weekend.  I'm thankful that, although my pain and the pain for his family is still there, the fog is mostly lifted.

~My friend, Becky.  Everyone needs a Becky in his/her life.  Becky is encouraging and empathetic and amazing.  And she storms heaven with her prayers like no one I've ever met.  I love that I can share my heart with her with no fear of judgement because her sole concern is people's relationships with the Lord.  She's priceless, and my life is better for her.

~I know this sounds like the wifey thing to say, but I am beyond thankful for my husband.  It's been amazing to watch him lead our family over the past 12 months.  Today, 17 years after we offically became "girlfriend/boyfriend," I can honestly say we are at the best place in our relationship we've ever been.  That's a testament to God's mercy and Tony's amazing Walk.  (He's still not my soulmate or my bff, but I'm not even going to pretend to imagine life without him.)

~Crossroads Bible Church.  I haven't posted about church in a long time, but this place is so special.  Last Sunday, we got to watch amazing-ness.  As I've mention before, our church supports missionaries in West Africa.  Those missionaries, and their partners, were in need of a teacher for their children.  Our senior pastors felt led to ask our fabulous youth pastor if he and his family would be willing to serve in Africa.  (How often do you hear about church leadership sending their best staff members to the mission field?)  And, Chloe's fabulous fourth-grade teacher is going to become the new Children's Director.  I'm so excited to have a front-row seat to watch the Lord work in all of this!


Awesome stuff! Your church sounds like a fabulous group of Christians. I'm very sorry for the loss of your friend. It's hard to lose someone you admire and respect very much, who has had an influence on your life.

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