365 days.

Today, we mark the 1-year anniversary of moving to Panama.  I've spent months trying to figure out what this blog post should say.  I thought about a photo collage, but I can't find the pictures, and don't really care to look.  Then, I thought I could share all the kids' favorite moments, but those would likely involve the swimming pool and food.  That's not exactly deep stuff. 

I've thought about it all day.  What is the perfect way to express what the last 12 months have meant to us?

With us.

We've made this year work because we walked together.  We've gone through some really tough, ugly times.  We've been through super happy, fun times.  But we've been through them all together.  This incredible Panamanian walk of faith has brought us closer to each other, and more importantly, closer to the Lord.  We're all walking that way together.  And that is worth every tear, pain, and fear any of us has dealt with!

Happy 1st Anniversary to Us!  Thank you, Lord, for it!


Lesa said…
Congratulations on this milestone of the journey. Love reading your updates and hearing about your sweet family.
Janell said…
Congrats! The first year is always the hardest!
Anonymous said…
Could not be more proud of all of you! You have handled this transition with grace, humor and extraordinary faith. May God continue to bless and guide you in the coming year.


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