Saturday, March 10, 2012

Birthday Party Update

For Carson's party, we rented the gazebo by the apartment pool.  I bought snack foods and fruit.  The  cafe provided the appetizers and drinks. 

Coralynn was a big fan of the cheese balls.

Unfortunately, Friday night, Carson fell and needed 4 stitches.

The doctor said that it could get wet, but I was concerned about what would happen to the bandages in the water.

So, I went MacGyver on it.  Duct tape + plastic bag = Swim Ready!

One of his sweet friends brought a "Get Well" card and a "Happy Birthday" card!

The kids all had a wonderful time at the Club's BEAUTIFUL pool.  Camilla was loving jumping into the water.

I was tickled with myself because I got up enough courage to order, in Spanish, a customized birthday cake. I was thrilled to see so many of Carson's friends come.  (14 from a class of 22!) I think the highlight, for Carson, was having his teacher and teacher's aide come out for some birthday fun!  Tony and I were quite pleased with the whole morning.  And Carson told me that it was the "best birthday party ever!"  

Happy Almost Birthday, Carson!!

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lizbeth321 said...

Duct tape and cheese puffs! Oh my! Sounds like a fabulous party! Happy Birthday Carson!