Birthday Party Update

For Carson's party, we rented the gazebo by the apartment pool.  I bought snack foods and fruit.  The  cafe provided the appetizers and drinks. 

Coralynn was a big fan of the cheese balls.

Unfortunately, Friday night, Carson fell and needed 4 stitches.

The doctor said that it could get wet, but I was concerned about what would happen to the bandages in the water.

So, I went MacGyver on it.  Duct tape + plastic bag = Swim Ready!

One of his sweet friends brought a "Get Well" card and a "Happy Birthday" card!

The kids all had a wonderful time at the Club's BEAUTIFUL pool.  Camilla was loving jumping into the water.

I was tickled with myself because I got up enough courage to order, in Spanish, a customized birthday cake. I was thrilled to see so many of Carson's friends come.  (14 from a class of 22!) I think the highlight, for Carson, was having his teacher and teacher's aide come out for some birthday fun!  Tony and I were quite pleased with the whole morning.  And Carson told me that it was the "best birthday party ever!"  

Happy Almost Birthday, Carson!!


lizbeth321 said…
Duct tape and cheese puffs! Oh my! Sounds like a fabulous party! Happy Birthday Carson!

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