Happy Birthday, Carson David!!

Baby Carson David at 3 days old.  He was as handsome then as he is now!

Love that sweet gap in his front teeth!  He has always had the warmest smile!  Here at almost 20 months, it was clear, and had been for some time, that he had the "It" factor.  I love that anywhere we go I can count on Carson to be friends with everyone there within just a few minutes!  He used to say, "Hi.  I'm Yarsen.  And this is my sister, Row-E," because she was too shy to meet new people!

Carson has always been my "little man," and I can't believe that he's 8 today.  I love the Carson he has become: confident, kind, athletic, academic, friendly.  He has made our life so much fuller than I ever thought it could be! 

Happy 8th Birthday, Carson D!!
We love you!!


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