Three-Thing Thursday

Finding the gems in an otherwise ucky day...

1.  Talking to my educational mentor (aka- Best Friend) on the phone first thing this morning.

I miss my heart people.  I have awesome, great, lovely, fun friends here in Panama.  But, they aren't my heart people.  To make it worse, life has gotten in the way of talking to my heart people.  This morning, however, the clouds parted, and I got to have a for-real conversation with my dearest heart person.  We talked about my possible future in education.  We barely touched the educational future of my kids.  It didn't make life all better, but it made me feeling like I was winning at something.

2.   Finishing a book.

Today, I came home and locked myself in my bedroom- after some niceties with the kids.  I needed to finish a book.  I needed to have control over something.  The last too many books I've read have been not very good (the bottom 4 and the top one).  I had higher hopes for this book (#4).  Unfortunately, it was about 100 pages too long.   Too wordy.  Too self-righteous.  But an interesting story that I had time to finish.  Another win for me.

3.  Making dinner that wasn't rejected by anyone.

Every mom knows this is the win of all wins.  You come home exhausted.  You pull out stuff from the fridge.  You make something up on the fly. You hope for the best.  And then, beyond your wildest hopes and dreams, everyone likes it.  The picky kids.  The gluten-free kid.  The in-a-mood kid. Everyone eats dinner without complaining.  Everyone asks for seconds.  And, you made enough for people to have seconds!  *the crowd goes wild*

To hoping the gym and fun new outfit make tomorrow much better!


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