I TRIED!!! (Vacay Day 1 Review)

We arrived in Los Angeles on Saturday, and I tried to blog.  But, google's security is smarter than I am, so I wasn't able to post!  My apologies!!

But, to happier news...

We made it out of Panama with limited issues!  Tony did have to use the force on one security gentleman.  The man wasn't understanding when our immigration stuff got messed up, so he wasn't understanding the amount the exit fine should be.  After we moved on to the next person up the chain, everything improved quickly.  It made for a very nerve-wracking half hour, but then we were through security and ready for vacation!!

Our flight to LA was perfect, and we made it in and out of the airport (customs, baggage claim, and rental car) in less than an hour.  Anyone who travels ever knows that is a miracle of Jesus!  And, really. this trip was very much about Jesus showing me just how much He has it under control.  He really, really does.  For instance, we got a Toyota Sienna at the rental car place.  This means almost nothing to almost everyone, but my mom and Amelia will totally understand the blessing (and wink from Heaven) that this is.  The best way for me to explain it to everyone else is this way.  Go out to your vehicle.  Put 6 people (3 of whom need to be 6 ft tall), 10 suitcases, 6 carry ons, and a car seat in it.  Now go for an hour drive.  How did that work for you?  Only the Sienna drivers are happy with how that turned out.

We made it to our hotel with no problem, and we were able to check in an hour and a half early.  (Who's keeping the miracle count?)  We arrived with just enough time for me to put on warm clothes (sunny CA wasn't in the mood- we got rainy, dreary SoCal) before my brother and SIL arrived, and we left for Denny's.

As an aside, my family is strange.  We LOVE fine dining.  Susan, Chloe, Camilla, and I could fine dine ourselves into oblivion.  At the same time, I love me a Denny's veggie omelet with a side of biscuits.  Tim's been ordering Moons over my Hammy since before Tony and I met.  And, you should watch Camilla and Carson take out an order of steak and eggs.  So, we went to Denny's for lupper, and I make no apologies for it!

After Denny's we hung out for a few hours before heading out for Ethiopian food- which is my favorite discovery from the summer.  Susan, my SIL and our travel agent extraordinaire, found a yummy place to try.  And, it was worth the adventure!!

Family style!!!

A trend would develop during our LA weekend- Carson fell asleep anytime, anywhere.

My 3 beautiful daughters- one more asleep than the other 2!

I'll see you tomorrow with another update!


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