3-Thing Thursday

Today's theme: These are a few of my favorite things!

1.  Favorite Picture.

I love teenagers.  By FAR, teenagers are more fun for me to parent than babies and toddlers.  (I am not a fan of babies.  I do my best to act like I like babies, but that's not my gig.  Tony, on the other hand, is the baby whisperer.  He loves, loves babies.)  One of my favorite things about teenagers is their need to photograph every moment.  This picture, that Chloe took, makes me smile. I love the relationship she and I have formed after YEARS of tension, and I think this picture captures that fondness.

2.  Favorite Purchase.

Shopping is my favorite thing.  If that makes me shallow, than I'm about this big of a human being, and I can live with that.  I love the packaging of items.  I love the bags that the stores use to wrap the purchases.  I love seeing all the colors and styles and trends.  I just love it.  This trip's favorite purchase is of my favorite thing: eye liner.  I promise I am not a teenage girl.  No, really, I'm a grown up.  I'm just a grown up who likes- passionately needs- eye liner.  And, I finally, finally found one I love.

Urban Decay makes this amazing pencil.  Goodness, friends, it seriously glides on.  2 seconds to perfect eye lining.  I did so well with it that one of my students complimented it.  A for-real teenage girl complimented my make up.  I'm dying.  You're either gagging or laughing at me.  Either way, I'm promise I'm an adult.  (I have the brown one.)

3.  Favorite Ponder.

Did I mention I love to ponder?  Yes?  Okay, great!

On the cruise, I got one thought firmly stuck in my brain.  It was the focus of the devotion I did today at school, but I still don't have it completely fleshed out.

Most of my complaints spring from my blessings.

My kids make a mess.  My students don't obey.  My car is acting up.  I'm tired of eating healthy food. I don't want to wake up early to meet my personal trainer at the gym.  Don't even get me started on my husband.

Without my blessings, I wouldn't have very much to complain about- except I'm sure I'd still complain.  It is clear that the Lord is bringing a heart of joy into my life.  Or, He's trying.

To having a grateful heart!


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