1.  We finally got it done.  Our immigration status is updated, and we are good to go.  I HATE feeling like I'm breaking the rules (unless it's eating dessert), so I am super happy to have this taken care of. We still have to wait before we can get our driver's licenses renewed, but at least we are almost there.

2.  We're not moving. That's our moving announcement.   So, why the last post?  Why the tension?  Isn't just staying put easier?  Well, no.  Because, we might be moving in a year which means we will potentially be in this exact same place next year.  I want my kids to feel settled.  I want to feel settled.  I'd love to be in Panama until Chloe graduates, but the company can't make those kinds of commitments.  Next year, Chloe will be a sophomore.  If we move next year, is she going to move with us?  Or, is she going to finish high school- at a school she loves- in Panama?  Carson wanted to run middle school cross country and track in the US.  Although he's happy to not be moving schools, he is disappointed, too.  Coralynn does not love school.  Should we consider moving her to my school?  Speaking of that, what am I going to do next year?  Has my position been filled?  Do I even want my position?  Then, we move onto the house.  Do we move?  We've really outgrown the place, but if it's only for another year?  But, what if it is more than just one more year?  By the time I'm reevaluating this all again, we will have lived in Panama 7 years.  Of those, more than half were "one more year" years.

In July, I was told we were moving.  I've spent the 8 months preparing my kids for that move.  A good portion of that time was building up the idea of moving.  Overwhelmingly, the kids bought into the idea a move was best.  Where does this leave them now?  Where does this leave me with them now?   We are happy to be in Panama.  We want to be here.  I am thankful for this opportunity.  But, limbo is just hard.  And, I don't want it to be my life motto.  Guess what, Me?  Life isn't all about what I want, and it certainly isn't about getting all I want.  That's a lesson that the Lord is clearly trying to teach me.

To learning more quickly,


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