Chloe is HOME!!

We all survived her week away, but now she is home, and my house and my heart are full!

And can I tell you what?

I really, really like her.  

I'm her mom, and I have to love her, but I am beyond thankful that I like her so much.

She is just an amazing person.  She's a mess because she's human, but she is probably the greatest 14-year-old I've ever met.

Because of a weird pick-up time from the trip, I had to take her back to work with me this afternoon. She didn't want to sit in my classroom for 2 hours (sounds like my students), so she hung out in the nurses office. 

I don't have a class the very end of the day, so I was able to spend that time with her and whomever else was in the nurse's office.  Those 30 minutes were the highlight of my week.

When I came down, she was hanging out with two seniors- one of whom she's never met.  They were going through instagram and laughing at the old pictures like they'd known each other for ever.

Fairly soon, it was time to leave.  You would have thought I was walking out the door with *fill in the name of a celebrity that means something to you*.  She had teachers and kids coming up asking for hugs.  I work with friendly people, but it was incredible to see the way people react to her.  And the way she reacts to them.

I think what I love most about Chloe is that she loves so well.  She has no sense that she's better than anyone- everyone is eligible to be her person.  And everyone feels like they are Chloe's person. If you['re talking, Chloe is listening.  If you're hurting, Chloe's praying.  Even if you think your life is going well, Chloe leaves it better.  She encourages people who didn't know they needed the encouragement.  

I found the word: effortless.  Chloe loves effortlessly.   No one ever feels like Chloe is having to make an effort to be their friend.  Because, she isn't.  She just loves you.  She isn't one of those friends who's distant and moody in the name of being an introvert- which she absolutely is.  She isn't cold and standoffish when she's having a rough time in her own life.  She can set aside herself to meet you emotionally where you need to be.  She isn't an insecure friend who makes you beg her to be part of her life or who acts like you should feel lucky that you get to be her friend.  She just loves you.  And you'll end up grateful for her.

Yes, she has people that she struggles with more than others.  She has friends that she gravitates to more than others.  She has her squad.  But, ultimately, you're welcome in it.  And, she'll leave you better than she found you.

I don't hope to have a friend like Chloe one day.  I hope to be like her one day.

So far from there,


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