We're NOT better than you.

Do you read other people's blogs?

I'm was reading one today, and I thought wow, She teaches on money and parenting and fitness and marriage and ...

That got me wondering about my blog.  I wasn't questioning if I was as good as other people.  Not at all.  I've met me.  I've got a long way to go.

I was wondering if I come across as all that as other people.  Because if I do, I hate me.  I really, really can't stand people who present themselves as having it all together.  Not because I'm jealous, but because it's not true.  It's not possibly true.

Sometimes, you fail.

Yesterday, I had the distinct pleasure of getting to apologize to my 14-year-old because I had been a total jerk, and she had called me out on it.  #parentoftheyear

Today, I couldn't walk from here to there without wanting to cry or get into a physical altercation with someone. #hotmessaward

It's 8:47 pm, and I'm in bed.  With that stinky muscle rub on my back.  #Iknowyouarejealous

Just in case you're feeling a little less than tonight, take heart.  You aren't alone.  There's always tomorrow.

Makes me wonder how much lower I can go...


just me said…
I don't post anything on fitness so I know it wasn't my blog! Phew!!! Lol... And just so ya know, you do not ever come across as "better". You're honest and real and I like that. :)

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