Proud Momma

I'm going to be proud now.  Of my girls.

Chloe ran her first race this morning!!  She did 3 miles in about 30 minutes.  I'm so proud of her- not because she broke time speed records, but because she ran.  She's been working on getting herself into shape, and she's been really pushing her cardio.  By far, the best part of working out is the growing self of confidence that you earn.  And she is definitely thoroughly confident in herself.  How many 14-year-olds can you say that about?  So proud of her!

Then there's these two.  Frick and Frack.  Camilla and Faux Camilla.
I'm not sure two sisters could be any more different and any closer than these two are.  We tease Camilla that she is going to have the BIGGEST mansion in heaven for how precious, sweet, long-suffering, and caring she is with Coralynn.  She likes to act like its a total burden, but then Coralynn will leave for and afternoon.  And Camilla will mope for an afternoon.  They remind me why I wanted my girls to have a sister.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!  


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