Three-Thing Thursday

Tonight's theme:  Three things I wish I knew...

1.  Where we are going to live next!

Last summer, we were told that we'd likely be moving from Panama.  I was fine with this, but the endless passing months are making me less interested in moving.  I'd love to be able to tell my children where they will be going to school next year.  I'd love to be making plans for pom pom and cross country try outs.

Instead, we are waiting.  Some days, it feels impossible to wait another minute to find out any information. (I'm accepting prayer.)

2.  Where I want to live next!

You would think with all the free time we've had to wait, I'd be plotting a perfect next location.  Nope.  I don't have any idea.  At this point, I could throw a dart at a map and move wherever it landed- except, that's not really true.  I have a whole list of places I don't want to live.  There are just too many places to live to use that as a good method for determining our next home.  I sound so wishy washy.  I'm a decisive person.  I just can't get my mind wrapped around anywhere.  (I'm accepting prayer.)

3. Where the Lord wants us to live next!

The company may have an opinion.  My coworkers have opinions.  My kids have opinions.  I have negative opinions.  I haven't heard the Lord's opinion.  Where does He want us to be??  What does He want us to do when we get there?  Does Tony stay with the company?  Do I find another teaching job?  Do I go back to school?  Do the kids go back to school, or do we home school?  There isn't an answer to be found anywhere.  And, I've looked every where.

I don't know why the Lord sometimes doesn't answer me.  I've been asking this question since we moved to Panama because I knew there was a move in the future.  I've felt strongly for years that when it was time to move, Jesus would tell me.  Now, I'm wondering if He lost my email address.  The last thing I want is to uproot my family in the name of uprooting my family.  If God isn't in it, I'm not going.  Now, if I could just get Him to tell me...

Still accepting prayer,


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