I like people.

I remember a pastor telling me one time that if you're going to work with people, you are going to have problems.  I understand that to be a true statement, but you also are going to have a lot more fun.  You're going to feel a lot more loved.  And, you're going to have people to love.   I know it is not Thursday, but it's my blog, and I want to do a three-thing Wednesday.  So, I will.

1.  My children.

I know that all the wise people say that you aren't supposed to be friends with your kids, but I actively, intentionally ignore that advice.  I firmly believe you can parent and still be friends. (Ask my Georgia-based bff- being friends with me requires a fair amount of parenting)

I just really happen to like my kids.  I like their hearts and their likes and their individuality and their minds and their fashion sense and their lego creations and everything else.  I really like hanging out with them.  I'm the odd parent who longs for my kids to be teenagers, so that we can have deeper, more meaningful conversation.  I'm SO thankful that we're well on our way there.

2.  Silly times with acquaintances.

I went to get my hair done today (hello, platinum blonde highlights), and we were all running late.  My ride- I'll get to that it in a minute- was running super later because of her kindness to me.  My hair stylist, who I love but isn't a good friend, was aware that I was growing anxious to be going.  She also knows that a good blow dry is my mostest favoritest thing in the whole world (not counting guacamole).  So, she and her assistant tag teamed the rest of my appointment, so that we could leave.  It was good for a laugh.  And, my hair is grateful!

3.  My Panama Family

Today was an "it takes a village" day.  I can't drive because my driver's license is expired, so a friend is driving my van and being my chauffeur.  Chloe had dance practice, so she couldn't stay with Coralynn until I got home.  Another friend offered to stay with Bits and take her to the pool.  A third friend agreed to go the pool with them.  It's amazing how helpful people are when there is a swimming pool involved.  ;)  A 4th friend came over to swim once I got home.  Friend number one then took friends #2-3 to a party they were late to because of all the Bitty pool time.  Then, friend number 2 found my precious cup that I lost on MONDAY!!  

Now, I'm sure that paragraph doesn't make sense to anyone but me, but the events of this day reminded me that I have people here who love me and my family.  To me, that is the perfect way to end any day.

Until tomorrow,


Grams 24 said…
You do have some bestest-type friends!! Of course, they have a pretty great friend as well.

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