Wait, Lisa, it's only Wednesday!!!

I know!!

But, thank God it's February!!!

January proved to be the month that refused to leave.

But, now February is here!!  February equals love and vacation!!!  In just 24 days, we're off for a week of family fun!!  More about that later!

I've decided it would be fun to set a new challenge for myself.  I've done pretty darn well with the blog-a-day plan.  And, Chloe and I never missed a day with the trainer.  I'm proud of myself.  It's been a dedicated month.

The question then becomes what should February's challenge be?  Originally, I was going to try being gluten-free.  Chloe started in January, and I feel like she's having good results.  Here's the problem.  A friend of a friend sent me Girl Scout Cookies.  How does one go gluten free when one has Girl Scout Cookies in the fridge?

So, do I go gluten free with a cookie allowance?  Or do I pick something else?

I'm absolutely not going to be gluten free on vacation, so maybe I should do something else?

Or, I could just do a three-week challenge???  I think I like that.

What are your thoughts?


Grams 24 said…
3 week challenge is good. Besides, you want to enjoy your vacation, gluten free for three!!!
Sara said…
Easy. You go gluten-free, and I eat the Girl Scout cookies.

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