It's Not My Fault!

Happy Monday!

We've been having some internet issues, so blogging wasn't really much of a possibility.  

But it appears we are up and running again!

This morning, Carson left for his school trip.  He is SO excited about getting the opportunity to go white-water rafting.  We did a little rafting in Colombia, and he enjoyed it, so I'm hoping it will be a fun way to spend a few hours.  Pray that he has a good trip.  They return on Friday which is a long time for my homebody son to be away!!

The girls, some friends, and I headed down to the pool this afternoon because violin lessons were canceled.  Coralynn had been working on a dive/flip thing, and today she turned it into a flip.  She's become quite the fish, and it has been the most fun watch her grow in confidence.  (I think that's my favorite part of parenting- watching my children realize how truly capable they are.   Raising confident, humble children who walk honorably among the world is pretty much my goal.)

Thanks for celebrating my kids with me!


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