Why Do I Like the New School?

Last Monday, I told you that the kids were enjoying their time at the new school.  I had every intention of dropping the conversation with that post.  Then, on Tuesday, I went to an awards assembly, and I know I want to share one of the reasons I like the school.  A specific if you will.

I got an email that Camilla and Coralynn would be "recognized" at a "Recognition Cerenomy; so, off Tony and I went to the school.

The K-2nd grade ceremony was first.  There was a small section for parents, and the kids filled the rest of the room.  We stood and sang the school anthem- that's another post for another day- and then the assembly began.

As an IB school, the Met requires the students to show particular attributes, and this assembly was going to honor those students who were good examples in the past month.  I've taught and been part of a dozen schools.  I've never been to an assembly that focused on anything other than athletics, academics, and attendance.  Wait.  That's not true,  I've seen music awards handed out also.

**Quick comment.  I believe that kids should be awarded for their strengths.  ABSOLUTELY!  I just wished that kids who are amazing people but not exemplary athletes or scholars should also be recognized.  Yes, people should have strong character regardless of its reward-ability, but let's affirm the people who are trying.**

I was beyond blessed to see the excitement these recognition assemblies generate in the kids.  They really desire their name to be called.  Yay for a school that fosters the truth that your quality attributes matter!


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