9/27. Discuss Among Yourselves

Ok.  Here's the story.

After church, Tony and I went into a local deli to grab lunch for the family.  As we were leaving the store, a woman stopped us.  She asked, "Are y'all siblings?  Or married?"

Let's stop here.  This is incredibly strange for two reasons.  First, she asked in English- perfect English.  That's obviously not the norm.  Secondly, why is someone so curious about that that she felt the need to ask?  She was super sweet and not at all intrusive in the way she asked.

We told her that we were not siblings, but we were married.  She then said, "Well, you hear about people looking like their spouse after they've been married a while, but you two are like identical looking!"

Again, these comments were completely warm.  We weren't being secretly accused of something.  She was just chatting.  But isn't that a strange topic?  Admittedly, when Tony was in high school, someone asked me if I was his sister, but that person wasn't really paying attention.

We all laughed.  Tony and I fist bumped because that's what siblings do.  And, we headed back to the van where the kids were waiting.  They decided that we had one or two couple friends who maybe looked alike, but that was the end of it.

So, Tony and I are now curious.  What do you think?  Could we pass for siblings?

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

(Please forgive my hair.  It was in braids this morning so it's a little 80's-riffic right now.)


You are around the same height and your hair coloring is similar. You have long noses and lean faces, but you don't look identical. You may have picked up each other's mannerisms unaware.I can see why she might think you're from the same family. I don't think most people though at first meet would think you were related to each other.

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