In honor of my mother,

we're going to try a day-in-the-life challenge.  I'll try to post a picture or a story everyday for the next few weeks.  I'm not sure if we should continue for a month, until Mom recovers, or something else.  I'll think on it.

My mom had surgery on her shoulder yesterday.  (She's doing okay so far.  Feel free to send her flowers or chocolates.)  She is going to be laid up for a few days so in lieu of flying to Illinois to watch her heal, I'm going to gift her a well-updated blog.  Isn't that the gift that keeps on giving?  ;)

September 22.  Day 1.

Today is cray cray day.  In fact, each Tuesday is cray cray day.  Chloe and Coralynn finish school at 3.  Camilla finishes photography at 4.  Carson finishes basketball at 5.  Carson has piano at 5:15.  Coralynn has ballet at 5:15.  Carson finishes piano at 5:45.  Coralynn finishes ballet at 6.  Chloe has cantata practice at 6.  Chloe finishes ballet at 7.  I have Bible study at 7.  My Bible study finishes at 9.  Homework, food, and showering fit in there somewhere.  Bedtimes (7:30, 8, 8:30, and 9 are absolutes.)

I LOVE every single one of these activities, or we wouldn't be doing them.  The fun of having 4 kids is watching 4 individual people grow in their personal strengths and passions.  It's my privilege (and my passion) as their mom to get to play a role in this process.

But, it can be exhausting.  And, it can make me hungry.  

These pure bars (from whom I am making no money- these really are my opinions) are my life savers.  They are delicious, organic, filling, vegan, and not loaded with crap.  I was at the grocery store this morning at 7:40.  I was without the children, and I was making a scene at the bar aisle because they had new options!!  The bar in the middle is my favorite.  It has quinoa, amaranth, flax, and some other grains plus chocolate and peanut butter.  It's pretty much the "we know Lisa and we're making this bar with her in mind" bar.  (A total aside- my spell check doesn't know the word quinoa.  How 1997 is that?)  The other two bars are new but said dark chocolate and brownie so I figured they were safe bets. I'll let you know later how they are.

Now that Day 1's blog is in the book, I'm off to carry on with the pre-cray cray phase of cray cray day.  I just need to finish the chai tea concentrate, finish tomorrow morning's small group prep, go for a run, have some lunch, take a shower!  I love a calm afternoon!

Y'all- enjoy your Tuesday.  It's a gift from the Creator.  Go hug someone you love.  Unless it's my mom, and then just pat her on the head.  A hug would hurt.

See you tomorrow!

Love you!


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