September 28.

Definitely, I did not plan to start my Monday this way.  I *had* planned to run with Carson, finish up my Bible study, and purge through more stuff before the donation truck came today.  Instead, I'm desperately trying to bring Chloe's fever down.  In all sincerity, I did not know teenagers could spike fevers this high.  I thought just babies did.  I was wrong.  She's been sitting with ice packs on her.  The acetaminophen in the Mucinex did not touch the fever, so now the piggy-back dose of ibuprofen is in her.  I'm giving her about another 20 minutes, and then I'm taking her temperature again.  The ibuprofen will have been in her system for about an hour by then, so I think we'll know if it's going to help.  If the fever isn't down, I'm not really sure what I'm going to do next.  This is when the language barrier becomes a real problem.  If I were in the US, I'd call the pediatrician.  Here, I'd call Tony, but he's unreachable until 5.  I could try the doctor, but I'm not sure.  Maybe the ER???

I'll keep you posted.  Thanks for praying for my sick kid! 


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