Update! Week 3!

Tony and I flew to the US last weekend for my cousin's wedding, so we missed our opportunity to update y'all on school.

(Tampa Bay!)

But, we're back now, and I'm happy to report that school continues to go super well.  We had one hiccup which was managed, and now, we're smiling.

My favorite "update" from this week is Coralynn's need love- passion, really- for learning.  She's learned "I," "like," "me," and she LOVES to find, write, read, and use those words.  She just ran out of the bathroom in her towel so she could add for me.  "Momma, if you take 2 hands, you have 10!"

Am I glad we aren't home schooling?  No.  Am I thankful that the transition to school has gone well?  Yes.

Thanks for keeping in touch with us on this journey!  We appreciate your prayers!


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