Three Thing Thursday!

It today's attempt to blog consistently I'm relaunching an earlier blog feature: Three Thing Thursday!  To the best of my ability, I will share three things that matter to me on Thursdays.  Yes?  Yes!

This picture represents several of my new favorite things!!!  
1.  Tea.  Especially Chai.  
Especially (but not shown in this picture) The Spice & Tea Exchanges's Mint-Chilla Chai Nilla!
Buy here
2.  My new tea cup. 
I love it.  It's the perfect weight and width and feel.
3.  Silk's True Almond Unsweetened Vanilla Milk
So yum.  So not sugary.
4.  Alone Time
Who would have ever guessed that I would learn to enjoy sitting alone with my thoughts and a cup of tea??  That, my friends, is progress!

Speaking of who'd ever thought it...
This puppy came back from her time at "camp" (aka boarding) sweet and calm.  She's decided that she's a snuggler, and I'm happy to oblige.  I FINALLY feel like I understand why people have family pets.

Date Night!
Tony and I made the decision that Saturday night is officially date night.  Chloe babysits, and we go remember why we married each other.  I intentionally selected this photo because it is real.  This particular night we went to an early dinner, and we were home within 2 hours.  Dinner was yummy, but we were tired, and college football was calling.   Though we LOVE a fancy night out, we also remember being 16 and broke and just wanting to spend time together.  Us is why we married each other, and I'm thankful that we spend Saturday nights focusing on us.


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